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"Draco! What are you doing you can’t just apparate into my room!" Hermione yelped as she caught his reflection in the mirror.

"Granger, you’re 22, surely your parents don’t still see you as that innocent," he drawled lazily, winking at her.

"I’d like to think they do so you’re going to apparate outside and knock on the door like a gentleman. I will not have my parents first meeting you appearing from my bedroom… what are you wearing?"

"I went to muggle London," he stated with a grin, looking much like a child who was rather proud of himself, "I thought since I was meeting muggles I should dress like one. The woman in the shop said I looked rather dashing."

Hermione bit back a smile at his childish pride. “Alright Mr Dashing, get outside and go ring the doorbell.”

"Right, okay," he said, suddenly looking rather nervous. "Granger… What’s a doorbell?

The Magic Begins
↳ 28: A ship you wish everyone else was into.

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